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Imaginary Suffering?

“People will think I’m a joke if I start working out in public.”

“You’ll never be able to do “X” well because of your leg, so you shouldn’t bother doing it at all.”

“People will make fun or pity me when they see me get in the ocean.”

“No man wants to be with a girl missing a leg.”

These are just a few of the lies I used to tell myself. I’d make up narratives in my head, blowing up the fears in my mind until they felt bigger than life. Then I chose to live out my reality like the fears in my head were true. I literally avoided weightlifting for YEARS, because I was afraid of feeling judged at the gym for doing something wrong. That didn’t end up being the case once I lived it out – no one ever shamed me for trying. Not once. And even more so, now that I find myself in the gym, I realize how little I pay attention to, let alone judge, everyone working out around me. 

I’ve come to realize these thoughts were lies. Even if my “worst fears” came true in a situation, it was never as terrible as I had made it out to be in my head. If I saw someone stare or got rejected for a date- I was just fine and I’d keep it moving. But it took me doing the thing anyway, afraid and before I felt ready. The mind is a tricky thing, and oftentimes the only way to prove it wrong, is to prove it wrong. Act, don’t overthink and live in your head.

You will never prove your imaginary, potential fears wrong by staying in your head. The only way to truly move past them and gain confidence is to act DESPITE your fears, perhaps even in the midst of them.

Stop telling yourself your fears are unfounded. PROVE it to yourself and do the dang thing, in spite of them all.

Have a great day, folks. 

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